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Neovela For XLarge Dogs 44.3 - 88.2lbs Green 4pk

Neovela For XLarge Dogs 44.3 - 88.2lbs Green 4pk

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Neovela: Your Dog's Monthly Shield Against Parasites

Neovela steps in as the game-changer in parasite control for dogs, sporting the same powerhouse ingredient, Selamectin, as its pricier cousin, Revolution. This monthly, spot-on treatment is your budget-friendly warrior against fleas, mites, heartworms, and more, without skimping on efficacy. It's like a protective cloak for your dog, guarding against ear mites, biting lice, and the woes of flea allergy dermatitis. Plus, it's got your back with its waterproof superpower, ensuring your furry friend's adventures through water don't wash away their protection.

But hey, dogs aren't the only ones reaping the benefits. Neovela's got a soft spot for rabbits too, tackling ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and cheyletiellosis (those pesky Cheyletiella sp.) with ease.

How Neovela Works Wonders:

Neovela doesn't just work on the surface; it goes deep. Once you dab it on your dog, Selamectin gets to work, diving through the skin and into the bloodstream to keep heartworms at bay. But it doesn't stop there. It circulates back to the skin, dealing a deadly blow to fleas, their eggs, larvae, and other external freeloaders. And because Selamectin's also got muscle against worms, hookworms and roundworms are shown the exit too.

Here's How to Gear Up Your Dog with Neovela:

  1. Launch Prep: Whip out the tube from its box like you mean business.
  2. Cap Off, Game On: With a steady hand, twist off the cap by peeling the ring lock off. Keep it upright to avoid any spills.
  3. Spotlight on the Spot: Find the sweet spot at the back of your dog's neck. Part the hair till you see skin—that's your target.
  4. Strike: Empty that tube right on the target. This is where Neovela starts its magic.
  5. Seal the Deal: Give it a couple of hours (2, to be exact), and your dog's ready to splash around. Neovela's got the waterproofing down.

Neovela Know-How:

  • Skin-Deep: Aim for unbroken skin for application.
  • Let It Be: No massaging. Just apply and let Neovela do its thing.
  • Patience, Padawan: Keep paws off the application site till it's dry.
  • Timing is Everything: Hold off on the bath time until 2 hours post-application.

Neovela for Dogs (and rabbits!) is more than just a treatment; it's peace of mind in a tube, ensuring your pets stay protected, happy, and healthy in their battle against parasites.

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