Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

Collection: Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

Frontline Plus: The MVP in Flea and Tick D vs. Your Furry MVPs

Frontline Plus steps up to the plate as a heavy-hitter in the battle against fleas and ticks. Vet-backed and no prescription needed for the US crew, this Aussie powerhouse is all about keeping your pets chill and critter-free with its month-long shield of protection.

Why Frontline Plus is Batting a Thousand:

  • Vet's Seal of Approval: Gets a big thumbs-up from the pros, giving you peace of mind that you're choosing wisely for your furry fam.
  • Covers All the Bases: Not just fleas and ticks, but lice and mites too. It's like a full-court press against pests.
  • Long-Game Strong: Delivers a solid month of defense, rain or shine, bath time or pool time.
  • Tough but Tender: Hits pests hard without roughing up your pet, no matter their breed or size.
  • Breaks the Cycle: Puts a stop to flea and tick fam plans, cutting down future pest parties.
  • Wallet-Friendly Win: Premium protection without the premium price tag, making it a smart play for pet parents.

Stepping Up to the Plate with Frontline Plus:

Knocking out application is as easy as pie. Crack open that applicator, part your pet’s fur to get to the skin, and boom – apply. Pick a spot your furball can't turn into a snack for the best defense.

Frontline Plus vs. The Pests:

This stuff is like the cleanup hitter for your pet’s pest defense, swinging into action in just 12 hours and taking out pests at every stage of their game.

Wrapping It Up:

Frontline Plus is your go-to defense squad for keeping your pet comfy, cozy, and critter-free. All our prices are in US dollars, keeping it simple for our stateside squad. No prescription? No problem.

FAQs: The Dugout on Frontline Plus:

  • Rookie Ready: Safe for the youngsters, pups and kittens over 8 weeks.
  • Regular Season: Hit it every 30 days for all-star protection.
  • Post-Game Bath: Sure thing, but let the magic set for 48 hours first.
  • Other Bugs: Mainly targets the big-league pests; not a catch-all for every critter.
  • Easy Access: Straight-up available without a prescription here in the US, thanks to those Aussie rules.
  • Flea Frenzy: Seeing more action right after application? That's just Frontline Plus clearing the bases.
  • Expecting and Nursing MVPs: Generally safe, but double-check with your vet to tailor the play.
  • Safety First: Keep it away from kids and pets until it's dry; side-eye for any oddball reactions.

Got more Qs or wanna share your Frontline Plus victory lap? Reach out. At Smartway Pet Supplies, your pet's well-being is our championship goal.