Advocate Flea, Heartworm & All Wormer for Dogs

Collection: Advocate Flea, Heartworm & All Wormer for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs: The Ultimate Flea, Tick, and Worm Defense

Hey dog lovers! Smartway Pet Supplies is here to drop the lowdown on Advocate for Dogs, your go-to arsenal for nixing fleas, ticks, and a whole squad of parasites. We're talking a full-court press on those pesky critters, making sure your furry MVP stays in top shape.

Why Advocate is the MVP:

  • Full-Court Parasite Defense: This ain't just a flea flicker; Advocate brings its A-game against fleas, worms, heartworm, and ticks. It's like having a linebacker, point guard, and goalie all in one.
  • Quick Off the Block: Hits the ground running with fast relief and keeps your pup covered round the clock for a whole month.
  • Waterproof Play: Even if your dog loves to splash and swim, Advocate's defense doesn't wash away.
  • Puppy Safe: Safe enough for the rookies, starting at just seven weeks.
  • Wallet-Friendly: Covers all bases in one shot, saving you the headache and wallet-ache of multiple meds.

Game Plan for Using Advocate:

No sweat - applying Advocate is as easy as calling a timeout. Snag the right dose for your dog's weight class, spot it directly on their skin, and you're good to go with monthly dosing for continuous peace of mind.

Behind Advocate's Winning Strategy:

Advocate pulls off its magic with a killer combo of ingredients that tag-team parasites, showing them the door before they can settle in and cause trouble. It's like having the best offense and defense on the field.

Team Up with Smartway Pet Supplies:

Choosing Smartway means you're getting vet-approved, no-RX-necessary MVPs like Advocate. Our playbook is all about making sure your pup gets top-tier care without jumping through hoops. Affordable prices in US dollars? We've got that covered too.

Advocate FAQs: The Play-by-Play

  • Why's Advocate a top dog? Its all-in-one protection game is strong, making it the go-to for dog parents.
  • How often do I call this play? Just once a month keeps your dog's defense solid.
  • Who can join the team? Safe for pups over seven weeks and solid for dogs at any stage of the game.
  • Bath time strategy? Advocate's got a no-quit attitude. It sticks even through baths and swims.
  • Need a prescription? Not here at Smartway. We're about keeping it easy to keep your dog protected without the extra hassle.

Slide into Smartway Pet Supplies for Advocate for Dogs and give your four-legged friend the champion's edge against parasites. Let's keep those tails wagging and those parks running parasite-free!