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Advocate Spot-On For Dogs over 55lbs (25kg up)

Advocate Spot-On For Dogs over 55lbs (25kg up)

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Advocate (Advantage Multi) for Extra Large Dogs Over 55lbs - Blue

Advocate, known as Advantage Multi in some regions, is a top-tier spot-on treatment designed to combat and prevent a wide array of parasites in extra large dogs weighing over 55lbs. This monthly application is a multifaceted solution that offers rapid relief from fleas and comprehensive protection against heartworm, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, lice, and mites.

Key Benefits:

  • Broad Spectrum Parasite Control: Effectively treats and protects against fleas, heartworms, various intestinal worms (roundworms, hookworms, whipworms), lice, and mites.
  • Fast-Acting Relief: Re-infesting fleas are impacted within 3-5 minutes of contact, with fleas killed within 1 hour, ensuring quick relief for your dog.
  • Non-Systemic Treatment: The active ingredient, imidacloprid, works on contact, killing fleas without the need for them to bite your dog, reducing the risk of disease transmission.
  • Environmental Impact: As your dog sheds, imidacloprid crystals released into the environment help break the flea lifecycle by killing flea larvae.
  • Water-Resistant Formula: Ensures that your dog remains protected even after exposure to water, maintaining its efficacy during swimming or bathing.
  • Safe for Puppies: Can be safely used on puppies from 7 weeks of age, making it suitable for dogs at various life stages.
  • Easy Application: The simple spot-on treatment makes monthly dosing straightforward and hassle-free.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare: Remove the Advocate tube from its packaging.
  2. Apply: Part your dog’s fur at the base of the neck to expose the skin. Squeeze the tube to apply the entire contents directly onto the skin.
  3. Frequency: For continuous protection, apply Advocate once a month. It’s important to apply it regularly to ensure ongoing protection against the wide range of parasites.

Advocate (Advantage Multi) for Extra Large Dogs offers not just a solution for current infestations but acts as a long-term preventative measure to keep your pet healthy and parasite-free. Its comprehensive protection makes it an essential part of your dog’s care routine, ensuring peace of mind and a happier, healthier life for your canine companion.


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