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Bravecto Spot-On for Cats, 6.2-13.8lbs (2.8-6.25kg)

Bravecto Spot-On for Cats, 6.2-13.8lbs (2.8-6.25kg)

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Bravecto Spot On for Cats: Extended Flea and Tick Defense

Bravecto Spot On for Cats provides a durable solution to protect your feline friend from fleas and paralysis ticks. With just a single application of this spot-on treatment, your cat receives up to three months of protection against both fleas and the dangerous paralysis ticks. Conveniently packaged, each box includes two treatments, ensuring your cat stays protected for up to six months.

Key Features:

  • Long-Lasting Protection: Delivers up to three months of flea and paralysis tick defense with just one spot-on application.
  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) Reduction: Effectively decreases the incidence of FAD, promoting a more comfortable and itch-free life for your cat.
  • Suitable for Young Kittens: Safe for use on kittens from 11 weeks of age and weighing as little as 1.2kg, making it an ideal choice for young pets.
  • Convenient Pack Size: Each package comes with two treatments, providing up to six months of comprehensive protection.

Bravecto Spot On for Cats stands out as an effective and convenient option for long-term flea and tick management. Its ability to also reduce the symptoms of Flea Allergy Dermatitis makes it a valuable addition to your cat's healthcare routine, starting from a young age.

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