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Neovet For Cats Over 8.8lbs 6pk

Neovet For Cats Over 8.8lbs 6pk

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Neovet: The Ultimate Armor for Cats and Kittens Against Pesky Parasites

Neovet swoops in as the hero for your feline friends, offering a broad shield against a crew of unwelcome critters—fleas, a variety of worms, heartworm, and those pesky ear mites. This monthly, spot-on solution doesn't just show fleas and their larvae the exit; it slams the door on flea allergy dermatitis too. But why stop there? Neovet goes the extra mile, tackling heartworm, roundworms, hookworms, lungworms, and ear mites head-on. Powered by the dynamic duo of imidacloprid and moxidectin, Neovet delivers a swift knockout to fleas and mites upon contact—no biting needed—and takes down those sneaky intestinal worms.

This vet-grade, superhero formula is set to protect your cats and kittens, starting from the bold age of 9 weeks, by launching a tactical strike on parasites' central nervous system, rendering them paralyzed and, well, history. Neovet's active ingredients cozy up in the skin and hair follicles' oils, setting up a slow-release defense that keeps your kitty protected over time.

How to Unleash Neovet's Powers:

  1. Prep for Launch: Kick things off by freeing the tube from its blister pack fortress. Hold it upright like the torch of freedom.
  2. Unlock the Defense: With a flick of the wrist, peel off the ring lock and twist that cap open.
  3. Target Acquired: Get your furball to stay put, part their hair to unveil their skin—a perfect landing site.
  4. Deploy: Position the tube's tip against the skin and give it a good squeeze. Mission accomplished.
  5. Regroup Monthly: Keep those defenses up by repeating the process every month as needed.

Keep it Safe, Keep it Effective:

  • Out of Bounds: Strictly for external use. Eyes and mouth are no-go zones.
  • Secure the Fort: This is top-secret adult stuff. Keep it out of the reach of kids.
  • Health Check: Got a cat that's not feeling top-notch or looking a bit skinny? Proceed with caution.
  • Cool and Dry HQ: Store your Neovet stash in a cool, dry place to keep it in tip-top condition.

Neovet is not just a treatment; it's your cat's personal guardian against the dark arts of parasites, ensuring they stay happy, healthy, and ready for cuddles or mischief, whatever their day involves.

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