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Neoveon Plus For Cats 4pk

Neoveon Plus For Cats 4pk

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Neoveon Plus for Cats: Flea and Lice Defense Squad

Neoveon Plus is your go-to monthly defender, offering cats and kittens a budget-friendly shield against flea infestations and the nuisance of biting lice. It’s like having a flea lifecycle SWAT team on your side, annihilating fleas at all stages—adult, eggs, larvae, and pupae—in and around your feline friend. It’s quick to act, stopping new flea squatters in their tracks and keeping your cat’s coat clear of future flea families for six solid weeks. On top of that, Neoveon Plus is your ally in the fight against Flea Allergy Dermatitis, helping soothe and protect your kitty from this itchy ordeal.

Safe for kittens hitting the 8-week mark, as well as expectant and nursing queens, Neoveon Plus is the caring, effective choice for your feline family.

How Neoveon Plus Works Its Magic:

Armed with the dynamic duo of fipronil and S-methoprene, Neoveon Plus launches a tactical strike against fleas and lice. Fipronil zeroes in on these pests, paralyzing and dispatching them swiftly, while S-methoprene plays the long game, halting the development of any would-be fleas. This means not just immediate relief but ongoing protection against re-infestation, keeping your kitty in purring good health.

Deployment Instructions:

  1. Prep for Action: Grab that tube out of the box and get ready for pest combat.
  2. Unlock the Weapon: Twist off the cap after peeling back the ring lock, tube poised and ready.
  3. Target Acquired: With your cat standing, gently part the fur at the base of the neck, scouting for that perfect spot of skin.
  4. Fire!: Unleash the contents of the tube directly onto the skin, ensuring direct hit for maximum effect.
  5. Mission Complete: Dispose of your gear according to the rules, leaving no trace behind.

Dosage & Tactical Administration:

  • Cats & Kittens (All Sizes): One 0.5ml tube of the Green pack per month keeps the pests at bay.

Neoveon Plus Advantages:

  • Topical Genius: Simple to apply, hard on pests.
  • Flea Life Sentence: Terminates fleas at every stage of life.
  • Cycle Breaker: Halts the flea lifecycle, preventing domestic outbreaks.
  • Lice Lurker: Keeps biting lice from bothering your cat.
  • Allergy Ally: A frontliner in the battle against Flea Allergy Dermatitis.
  • Family-Friendly: A safe option for kittens, and nursing or pregnant queens.
  • Waterproof Wonder: Maintains its potency even after your cat’s water adventures, 24 hours post-application.

Field Notes:

  • Age Advisory: For kittens 8 weeks and older.
  • Sensitivity Check: Not for use if there’s a history of reactions to insecticides or alcohol.
  • Vet Verification: Always a smart move before starting a new treatment.
  • Skin Integrity: Apply only to unbroken skin for optimal safety.
  • Hands-Off: Let the site dry naturally; no petting or massaging.
  • Patience Pays: Hold off on bath time for 24 hours to ensure the treatment holds fast.

Neoveon Plus for Cats stands guard, ensuring your feline friends enjoy their days and nights with comfort and freedom from pests. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a declaration of peace in your pet’s personal space.

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