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Equimax Ultimum  

  • A broad spectrum and long-acting horse wormer and 
    boticide gel which contains the active ingredients
    moxidectin and praziquantel.
  • Broad spectrum. Ultimum is indicated for the control of 
    tapeworm and all important susceptible strains
    of gastrointestinal roundworms, including adult and 
    encysted stages (DL, LL3, EL4) and benzimidazoleresistant strains of small strongyles, and aids in control of 
    early encysted stages (EL3), including inhibited larvae.
  • When used as directed, Ultimum is safe in foals over 4 
    weeks of age and in all breeding stock, including
    stallions and pregnant mares.
  • Palatable and effective gel.
  • Developed and made in Australia.
  • Treats horses up to 700 kg

Why Choose Ultimum?

  • TIMELY - ULTIMUM® is recommended for horses with a 
    suspected large burden of encysted small strongyles
    (roundworms) typically in late Autumn or early Spring. 
    It is also recommended for new horses arriving on a 
    property with an unknown worming history.
  • TARGETED - ULTIMUM® is the ideal wormer for young 
    and adult horses with a suspected large burden of 
    encysted small strongyles. It is also recommended for 
    new horses arriving on a property with an unknown 
    worming history.
  • POWERFUL - ULTIMUM® contains moxidectin, a 
    powerful and persistent second-generation ‘mectin’. 
    When administered as part of Virbac’s Gold Standard 
    strategic worming program, ULTIMUM® provides horses 
    effective and sustainable worm control in conjunction 
    STRATEGY-T®. The Egg Reappearance Period (ERP) for 
    ULTIMUM® is at least 14 weeks, which means that 
    recontamination of the pasture by strongyle eggs is 
    significantly reduced during this period. It is important 
    to note that resistance may develop to any chemical.
  • Palatable - ULTIMUM® is an oral gel and easy to 
  • Developed and made in Australia. ULTIMUM® is an 
    Australian developed and manufactured product that is 
    designed specifically for Australian conditions
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