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Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs, 44-88lbs (20-40kg)

Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs, 44-88lbs (20-40kg)

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Bravecto Spot On for Large Dogs (44-88lbs) - Blue Pack, 1 Treatment

Discover the power of Bravecto Spot On for keeping your large dog (weighing between 44-88lbs) protected from the nuisances of fleas and ticks. This Blue Pack, containing a single treatment, is your ally in ensuring your canine companion enjoys a life free from the irritation and potential health risks posed by these parasites. Bravecto offers an extended period of comfort and security with its innovative formula.

Key Benefits:

  • Long-Term Protection: Bravecto Spot On delivers an impressive 12 weeks of continuous protection against both fleas and ticks from just one application. This feature is a boon for pet owners seeking a convenient, long-lasting solution.
  • Quick Action: The treatment begins to take effect within hours of application, swiftly eliminating fleas before they can lay eggs and removing ticks to prevent them from biting.
  • Interruption of Flea Lifecycle: By halting flea reproduction, Bravecto Spot On effectively disrupts the flea lifecycle. This significantly diminishes the likelihood of a flea reinfestation in your home and on your dog.
  • User-Friendly Application: The spot-on applicator is designed for ease of use, enabling direct application to your dog's skin for targeted and efficient protection.
  • Water-Resistant: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Bravecto Spot On remains effective even after your dog swims or bathes, thanks to its water-resistant properties.

Bravecto Spot On for Large Dogs is the ideal choice for owners looking to provide their pets with the best protection against fleas and ticks. Its ease of use, combined with long-lasting effectiveness and fast-acting formula, ensures your dog stays healthy, happy, and comfortable.

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