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Bravecto spot-on for Dogs, 4.4-9.9lbs (2-4.5kg)

Bravecto spot-on for Dogs, 4.4-9.9lbs (2-4.5kg)

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Bravecto Spot On for Very Small Dogs (4.4-10lbs, Yellow) - Comprehensive Flea and Tick Defense

Introducing Bravecto Spot On for Very Small Dogs in Yellow, an innovative solution crafted to safeguard your petite canine friend from fleas and ticks. Designed for very small dogs weighing between 4.4-10lbs, this product delivers up to 6 months of continuous protection with a single, straightforward application. Bravecto Spot On ensures your dog remains joyful, healthy, and unbothered by unwanted parasites.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended Protection: Bravecto Spot On provides an impressive up to 6 months of flea and tick control, offering long-term peace of mind for pet owners.
  • Simplified Application: The convenience of the spot-on applicator allows for easy, stress-free application. Just part your dog’s fur and apply directly onto the skin.
  • Immediate Results: With Bravecto Spot On, you’ll see quick action against fleas and ticks, starting to kill these pests within hours of application and effectively preventing re-infestation.
  • Water-Resistant Formula: Whether it’s a day out swimming or a routine bath, Bravecto’s effectiveness is not diminished, allowing your dog to continue enjoying their favorite activities without worry.
  • Safe for Small Breeds: Specifically formulated for very small dogs, Bravecto Spot On offers robust protection while being gentle enough to avoid causing harm or discomfort.

Bravecto Spot On for Very Small Dogs (Yellow) is the go-to choice for owners looking to provide their small dogs with the highest level of protection against fleas and ticks. Its long-lasting coverage, ease of application, and safety profile make it a superior option for keeping your little companion protected year-round.

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