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Bravecto spot-on for Dogs, 22-44lbs (10-20kg)

Bravecto spot-on for Dogs, 22-44lbs (10-20kg)

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Bravecto Spot On for Medium Dogs (22-44lbs) - Green Pack, 1 Treatment

Elevate your medium-sized dog's protection against fleas and ticks with Bravecto Spot On, tailored for dogs weighing 22-44lbs. This Green Pack comes as a single treatment, designed to offer a fuss-free application while ensuring your pet remains safeguarded against these common yet harmful parasites. With Bravecto, your dog can enjoy the great outdoors without the worry of fleas and ticks.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended Protection: Bravecto Spot On delivers an unprecedented 6 months of continuous protection against fleas and ticks in just one application. This long duration grants both you and your dog a considerable period of comfort and peace.
  • Prompt Flea Elimination: The potent formula quickly tackles any existing flea infestations and deters new ones, keeping your dog's coat healthy and free from fleas.
  • Tick Prevention: Beyond fleas, Bravecto Spot On is highly effective against ticks, offering your dog a strong defense against tick-borne illnesses during their outdoor activities.
  • Straightforward Application: The spot-on applicator simplifies the process, making it easy to apply the treatment directly to your dog's skin, ensuring targeted and effective protection.
  • Water-resistant Formula: Enjoy the convenience of a treatment that does not lose its efficacy even after your dog has been in water, ensuring continuous protection regardless of swimming or bathing.

Bravecto Spot On for Medium Dogs is an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a reliable, long-lasting solution to flea and tick prevention. Its easy application and water-resistant properties make it a hassle-free way to keep your dog protected year-round.

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