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Advantix For Dogs Up To 8.8lbs (0-4kg)

Advantix For Dogs Up To 8.8lbs (0-4kg)

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Advantix: Topical Parasiticide for Dogs

Advantix offers a potent solution for dog owners seeking to protect their canine companions from a wide array of parasites. This topical parasiticide is meticulously formulated to treat and prevent flea infestations, control tick populations—including paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, and bush ticks—manage lice, and kill or repel mosquitoes. Designed for dogs and puppies, each application of Advantix provides up to one month of comprehensive protection against most pests and two weeks of protection against paralysis ticks.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Advantix is a versatile spot-on treatment that controls fleas, lice, and mosquitoes for a full month, and ticks for up to one month, with special effectiveness against paralysis ticks for two weeks.
  • Easy to Apply: The spot-on formulation makes this product straightforward to use, ensuring a stress-free experience for both pet and owner.
  • Extended Duration: With just one application, your dog receives lasting protection, minimizing the need for frequent treatments.
  • Specialized Tick Control: Offers targeted defense against several types of ticks, safeguarding your pet from the diseases they might carry.

Important Notice:

  • Not Suitable for Cats: It's crucial to note that Advantix is specifically designed for dogs and should not be used on cats. The ingredients in Advantix can be harmful to cats and may lead to serious health issues.

Application Tips:

  • Ensure the skin is visible by parting the fur between your dog's shoulder blades.
  • Apply the Advantix solution directly onto the skin, as per the instructions, to maximize its effectiveness.
  • For consistent protection, apply Advantix monthly. For areas with a higher risk of paralysis ticks, application may need to be more frequent (every two weeks), as advised by a veterinarian.

By incorporating Advantix into your pet care routine, you're not only treating existing infestations but also preventing future occurrences, keeping your dog healthy, comfortable, and free to enjoy their outdoor activities without the worry of pests.

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