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Advantage Spot-On For Cats Over 9lbs (4kg up)

Advantage Spot-On For Cats Over 9lbs (4kg up)

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Advantage Spot-On Flea Treatment

This formula contains 100 grams per liter of Imidacloprid and is specifically designed for cats weighing 4 to 9 kg (8.8 to 19.8 pounds). Advantage spot-on treatment offers an effective solution for controlling fleas and has several key benefits:

Fast-Acting Relief: It starts to work in just 3-5 minutes, providing rapid relief by halting flea activity.

Contact Kill: It eliminates fleas on contact, so they don't need to bite your pet. This reduces discomfort and the risk of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).

Comprehensive Protection:

It kills adult fleas and their larvae within 20 minutes of application.

It provides continuous protection for a full month, even when your pet is exposed to other infested animals.

Ease of Use: Just apply it once a month at the back of your pet's neck.

Safe for Various Conditions:

It is safe for puppies, as well as pregnant and lactating females.


With just one monthly application, this product is convenient and long-lasting.

It provides immediate and ongoing relief, reducing the risk of Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

Take advantage of a proven, fast-acting flea treatment that protects your pet without harming their skin.

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