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Neovet For Dogs Over 55lbs Blue 3 Pack

Neovet For Dogs Over 55lbs Blue 3 Pack

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Neovet Fleas, Heartworm & Worms Treatment for Dogs and Puppies

Neovet for Dogs and Puppies is your go-to monthly spot-on treatment, acting like a top-notch security detail for your fur buddy. This bad boy knocks out flea larvae, fleas, lice, mites, and that no-good sarcoptic mange faster than you can yell "Let's go for a walk!" Plus, it keeps those annoying intestinal worms—yeah, I'm looking at you, hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm, including that stealthy heartworm—right where they belong: outta there. Packed with the knockout ingredients Imidacloprid and Moxidectin, Neovet delivers rapid relief from a bunch of pests, ensuring your dog stays healthy, happy, and ready to rumble. It's an affordable, vet-stamped shield that's safe and solid for dogs and pups from 7 weeks on up.

How Does Neovet Do Its Thing?

Neovet's rocking a dynamic duo that's all about keeping your dog pest-free: Imidacloprid and Moxidectin. Imidacloprid hits the scene fast, spreading over your dog's skin to wipe out fleas and lice on contact—no bite required—within 12 hours, with any fresh flea fools getting the boot within an hour. Moxidectin goes undercover through the skin and into the bloodstream, hitting the gut to take down those wormy weirdos, paralyzing and dumping them at every stage of their life cycle.

  • Multi-parasite prevention that's like a security gate against the major gut grubs.
  • Fast-action formula that takes out fleas, flea larvae, the sarcoptic mange squad, and mites.
  • Heartworm shield because no one wants that lurking around.
  • Worm wrangler for roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.
  • Allergy dermatitis downer lowering the odds of those scratchy scenarios.
  • Lice lockdown for up to 6 weeks of peace.
  • Affordable, full-spectrum parasite control because your dog deserves the best without breaking the bank.
  • Great for every pup in the pack, starting at 7 weeks old.

Slap It On, Sit Back, and Relax:

  1. Snag the tube from its pack.
  2. Stand it up, rip off the ring lock, and twist the cap off.
  3. Calm your pupper down, part their fur to spot the skin.
  4. Aim the tube's tip at the skin and give it a good squeeze.
  5. Do it monthly and watch those parasites peace out.

Dosage Deets:

  • Puppies and Small Dogs (Up to 8.8lbs): 0.4ml in the Green pack, once a month.
  • Medium Dogs (8.8lbs - 22lbs): 1.0ml in the Aqua pack, once a month.
  • Large Dogs (22lbs - 55lbs): 2.5ml in the Brown pack, once a month.
  • Extra Large Dogs (55lbs - 88lbs): 4.0ml in the Blue pack, once a month. For the big boys over 55lbs, divide the dose into three spots along the back for top-tier protection.

For those extra hefty hounds over 55lbs, make sure to spread the love (aka the dose) between the shoulder blades, midway down the back, and somewhere in between for full coverage.

Neovet for Dogs and Puppies is like your dog's personal bodyguard against the world of pests, keeping them in fighting shape for all life's adventures, pest-free and carefree.

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