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Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs, 9.9-22lbs (4.5-10kg)

Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs, 9.9-22lbs (4.5-10kg)

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Bravecto Spot On for Small Dogs (10-22lbs, Orange) - Effective Flea and Tick Protection

Unlock the key to long-lasting parasite defense with Bravecto Spot On for Small Dogs. Specially formulated for dogs weighing between 10-22lbs, this Orange pack offers a robust solution against fleas and ticks. With just a single application, your furry friend will be protected for up to 6 months, allowing them to live a more comfortable and carefree life.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended Duration of Protection: With up to 6 months of continuous flea and tick control, Bravecto Spot On ensures long-term peace of mind for pet owners and sustained comfort for your pet.
  • Effortless Application: The user-friendly spot-on applicator makes administering the treatment straightforward. Simply part your dog's fur and apply directly to the skin for hassle-free protection.
  • Fast and Effective Action: Bravecto Spot On begins to work within hours of application, swiftly dealing with fleas and ticks on contact and preventing potential re-infestations for an extended period.
  • Water-Resistant Formula: There's no need to worry about the treatment washing off. Your dog can continue enjoying their water activities without diminishing the efficacy of Bravecto Spot On.
  • Specially Designed for Small Dogs: The gentle formula of Bravecto Spot On caters specifically to the needs of small dogs, providing potent protection without causing discomfort.

Bravecto Spot On for Small Dogs is the optimal choice for pet owners seeking a reliable, long-term solution to protect their small dogs from fleas and ticks. Its convenience, efficacy, and water-resistant properties make it a standout option for ensuring your dog's health and happiness.

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