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Advantix For Dogs 21-55lbs (10-25kg)

Advantix For Dogs 21-55lbs (10-25kg)

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Advantix: Comprehensive Parasite Protection for Dogs

Advantix stands as a highly effective topical parasiticide, crafted specifically for dogs and puppies to offer broad-spectrum protection against a variety of pests. This easy-to-apply spot-on treatment is instrumental in both treating and preventing fleas, managing ticks (including paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, and bush ticks), controlling lice, and killing and repelling mosquitoes. With just one application, your dog gains a month's worth of protection against most pests and two weeks' defense against paralysis ticks.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-Pest Control: Provides comprehensive protection by controlling fleas, lice, and mosquitoes for a month, and managing ticks for the same duration—with specific emphasis on paralysis ticks for up to two weeks.
  • Spot-On Treatment: Designed for ease of use, the spot-on formula makes the application process simple and stress-free.
  • Extended Protection: Each application of Advantix ensures your dog stays protected for up to a month, reducing the need for more frequent treatments.
  • Specialized Tick Defense: Offers targeted control against several types of ticks, safeguarding your dog from the diseases they carry.

Important Notice:

  • Safety First: Advantix is specifically formulated for dogs and should not be used on cats. Due to its potent ingredients, using Advantix on cats could lead to serious health issues.

Application Tips:

  1. Open Carefully: Remove the Advantix tube from its packaging and carefully cut or snap off the tip.
  2. Part the Fur: Find a spot on your dog's back, preferably between the shoulder blades, where they can't lick it off. Part the fur to expose the skin.
  3. Apply Directly: Squeeze the contents of the tube onto the skin, ensuring direct application for maximum effectiveness. For larger dogs, apply at multiple points along the spine.
  4. Regular Treatment: For ongoing protection, reapply Advantix monthly and more frequently if dealing with paralysis ticks, following the product's specific instructions.

Advantix provides a potent shield for your dog, offering peace of mind with its wide-ranging pest control capabilities. By choosing Advantix, you're not just treating existing infestations but also preventing future occurrences, ensuring your dog remains happy, healthy, and active.

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